EDGE CONTROL EXPO 2019 - october 5/6 2019


Edge Control Expo is a workshop event open to all artists, students and educators.

learn from professional concept artists, cg artists, illustrators, directors from all over to share their wisdom and knowledge.

The event will span over a period of two day for about 12 hours a days with three different artists providing a lecture and demonstration on each day. Each artist will have two hours to give their presentation. During the demo half of the presentation, the audience will have a chance to ask questions directly to the presenter until the end of the two hours.

Each day, after all the presentations we have a 1 hour discussion panel with all the guest speakers on stage. To conclude the day we move on to portfolio reviews given by the 6 guest speakers and also visiting professionals/local studios. If you somehow survive the intensive day, we invite you to a party at a local bar! (this is where the real fun starts)

Day 1: Florent Lebrun, Dan Miligan, and Kay Huang.
Day 2: Jomaro Kindred, Tatyana Kupriyanova and Oscar Cafaro.

If you’re a digital artist in Toronto, join us and learn from professional entertainment industry artists for the tips and tricks of the industry, via lectures, demos and portfolio reviews at Edge Control Expo!


Event date: October 5th - 6th, 2019 

Location: UofT's Isabel Bader Theatre  - map








  1. In total, there are 6 speakers to review + our additional portfolio reviewers.

  2. There will be a maximum cap for each reviewer - 10 people max /per reviewer a day. (Please note due to some speakers schedules, they are unavailable for certain times.)

  3. Because we offer these for free and to everyone, each attendee will only receive 5 minutes per review. This is to ensure everyone fairly receives equal amount of attention, and our reviewers have time to rest.

  4. No second reviews.


If you’re attending the event and would like to get a portfolio review from a guest speaker or our list of reviewers, the time to register for a review is only in the morning before the event starts @ 10:00am (see schedule below). There will be a station for attendees to sign up for a portfolio review in the main lobby of the venue.

During sign up, people can save a slot with an artist of their choosing (if they're available). The portfolio review portion of the event is split into 2 timeslots - Day 1/Day 2 @ 6:45pm.

However, during the portfolio review start time @ 6:45, it's first come first serve. We will not go in the order of the morning sign up, we will go by order of arrival.

During this time, there will be rows for people to be seated for their designated reviewer. Any further instruction will be given by our volunteers.





We want to offer sincere apologies to this year’s attendees of Edge Control Expo 2019 . Guest speaker Tatyana Kupriyanova is unable to attend the event as she was not permitted the sufficient credentials for traveling abroad to Canada.

This is in part due to an extremely rigorous and prolonged visa application process with the Canadian-Russian embassy.

However, we will attempt to present her via conference call online. In the event that we are unable to reach her, we will either have a replacement speaker, or a prolonged discussion panel. In this instance, we will be working with Tatyana to arrange an offline presentation exclusively available to those who purchased tickets.

Once again, we’re sorry for this disruption with the event.



basically, expect…

  • Live presentations & demos

  • discussion panels

  • Portfolio reviews

  • after party

  • friends for life ♡

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